Hannah’s Current favourites! #January

Hello! 😀 I would also like to apologise for the absence of us bogging- this was supposed to be a thing that me and Liv really committed to, but erm. that didn’t happen. But we’re back and hopefully this will work out better. Because we both really want to make it work. So Liv’s was […]

Olivia’s current favourites!

Hi everyone- Olivia here! I can’t believe the last time we posted on here was summer! Both Hannah and I want to start doing this more regularly, so we thought we’d kick off with some current favourites! I started with hair and beauty ones, but as I tend to ramble a little, I’ve decided to […]

Hello From Olivia!

Hello! My name’s Olivia, and I’m the other half of ThisWillEndInOblivion! I’m quite excited about sharing a blog with Hannah (who is honestly the best friend you could ask for), as we’re quite different people, but obviously very close. Here’s a list of questions just to let you know a little more about me!   […]

Helloooo! :)

Hellloooo!!!! I’m Hannah, and I am one half of THISWILLENDINOBLIVION, A shared blog that me and my bestest friend Olivia decided to make together! 🙂 Sometimes there will be posts which we shall write together, other times it will be individual posts like this one your currently reading by me! The individual posts may be […]