Olivia’s current favourites!

Hi everyone- Olivia here! I can’t believe the last time we posted on here was summer! Both Hannah and I want to start doing this more regularly, so we thought we’d kick off with some current favourites!
I started with hair and beauty ones, but as I tend to ramble a little, I’ve decided to just stick with those, so it’s not too long! Hopefully you’ll like one of these too! 🙂

My own! (?)
Okay, so recently I made my own hair accessory, by doing some reusing, and even though it was only once it definitely inspired me to do more! At my dad’s house, he’d saved one of his Christmas crackers for us, and there were these adorable little bows and berries wrapped around each end- I thought it was such a waste throwing them out, so I ended up pulling a little bit of my hair back and tying it up with them! It looked really sweet and festive, but now that I feel like it’s the end of Cheistmas, I’m not sure when I’m next going to use them! Into the hair draw for now!

I’ve enjoyed makeup for a while now, but I’d never been too bothered about the lips! I have always liked bright red lipstick, as I like 1950’s style, but it wasn’t very often I’d wear it, and I’d usually focus just on my eyes. The past few months, though, I’ve really started liking lip makeup! I now also have a dark red lipstick (with a purplish tone), another red lipstick (with an almost orange tone) but I’ve recently got four new things for my lips, that I adore!
None of these photos are mine!

1) Lush Lip Scrub.
Hannah bought me this as an early Christmas present! If you’ve never been to a Lush shop, a quick word of warning: the smell is so strong! The first time I went to one I couldn’t actually go inside! When you’re in for a few minutes you start to get used to it, so when I smelt the lip scrub (not only did it remind me of the strawberry toothpaste I used as a kid) it smelt like it wasn’t too strong, but still nice! After you’re out the shop, and into fresh air, it does smell a lot stronger, but it’s still nice, and it works a treat! I do get some dry skin on my lips (though my plan is to drink more water this year to combat it!) so when you use a particularly strong lipstick, I can sometimes get darker patches, but the scrub works so well to get rid of it! It’s a bright pink, bubblegum-scented scrub that actually feels quite like you’re rubbing sugar onto your lips when you use it! Even though I struggle to tell the difference looking at it on my plain lips, if you do a before and after with a colour, it looks so much better!


2) Nivea Hydro Care lip balm.
I have fallen in love with this. It’s basically a chapstick that keeps your lips hydrated, but it’s so soft and gentle on your lips that it feels pretty great too! I could definitely see the difference putting it on before any lip colours, and it’s just so simple that it works brilliantly! I usually put it on after my lip scrub, and at random points in the day if it’s near me!


3 and 4) Collection’s ‘Work The Colour’ lip butter.
I bought these in a sale at a large Boots, on a bit of a whim, and I’m so glad I did! It looks a little like a fat crayon, and it feels incredibly soft (to the extent of it reminding me of a moisturiser) but definitely has a distinct colour to it! I don’t even feel like I need to put on the lip balm from before on before! I got them in the shades Vintage Rose, which is a quite neutral pinky colour, and Perfect Plum, which like the name suggests, is a lovely purple colour. Even though I’ve only worn them a couple of times (since they’re new!) I adore how it feels on my lips and am certainly happy with what I bought!



Well, that’s about it for my current favourites, so I hope you enjoyed having a read! Hannah’s will be up super soon, and we plan on updating regularly!
Bye for now-
Olivia 🙂


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