Hannah’s summer bucket list 2014

It’s Hannah!
And firstly I’d like to apologise for the absence of posting on this blog, me and liv are both really sorry!

I have shared my summer bucket list already on my personal blog but me and liv agreed to share them on here as well so sorry if they are really similar!

So me and liv decided that our next individual posts would be on our summer bucket lists (a list of things that I want to do this summer)

And so we thought we would both share ours with you guys! We will also be making a post together on our friendship summer bucket list which is a list of things we want to do together this summer!

So here is my summer bucket list 2014!!!!!
•Make ice cream
•Swim in a river/lake
•Go on a roller coaster/big ride
•Dye my hair
•Create a summer music playlist
•Sleep outside
•Have a campfire
•Get a new pet
•Laugh so hard my tummy hurts
•Stop biting my nails
•Wake up before 10 am every day
•Have a picnic
•Make a scrapbook
•Fly a kite
•Have a silly string fight
•Mentos in coke challenge
•Have/go to at least 3 sleepovers
•Stay up for over 24 hours
•Find a new tv series and watch all episodes
•Don’t waste a day
•Make a new friend
•Catch a butterfly (then let it go)
•Learn/attempt to play a new instrument
•Sleep on a trampoline
•Make a flower crown
•Make a daisy chain crown
•Set of a lantern into the sky
•Tie a note to a balloon and let it go
•Buy loads of disposable cameras (scrapbook)
•Write a blog post every day
•Write in diary everyday
•Go fishing
•Learn to roller-skate
•Try yoga
•Climb a tree
•Have a water fight
•Swim in the sea
•Make a blanket fort
•Have a BBQ
•Make smores
•Watch fireworks (not from inside)
•Face a fear
•Finish a ‘wreck this journal’
•Volunteer at least 3 days at library
•Build a sandcastle
•Make tie-dye shirts
•Make lemonade
•Take a picture everyday
•Go to the metro centre at least twice
•Go on a train
•Have a movie marathon (Disney, hp, twilight)
•Try a new food each week
•Bake a rainbow cake
•Make some summer video diaries.
•Meet up with at least 3 friends every week (do not be antisocial)
•Go on a bike ride
•Go bowling
•Learn 10 words in a different language
•Sort out garden shed
•Finish THE GREAT SHED PROJECT (with liv)
•Complete friendship bucket list (with liv)
•Try something new.
•Dance in the rain
•Go to a restaurant with friends
•Have the best summer!

So this list is now decorated and stuck on my wall with little check boxes next to each thing which I will put a tick in every time I complete it.

I would recommend you do this too because its really fun and a good way to insure you have a good summer and aren’t bored!

I really hope you enjoyed this post!

Look out for livs post later today, if she gets round to it that is!

See you soon (I promise)


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